Friends of Evergreen

A series of short films about the work of the Evergreen Care Trust in Stamford in aid of their “Friends of Evergreen” programme.

Shot over a number of days in late 2016 using 4K and HD cameras with associated sound and lighting gear. Edited in Davinci Resolve and Reaper for audio sweetening.

Rosie Maclennan, Evergreen Marketing Director, wrote the script for the “Dorothy Atkins” video which was performed by Daphne Coates, who read from a tele-prompter (her first time ever, an amazing performance!) The control keyboard was on her lap, just out of shot. She’d only seen the script 10 minutes before the shoot, which just goes to show how useful a tele-prompter is when the presenter has a long script to go through.


The lady above, a resident of Whitefriars in Stamford, was at the nails and hands pampering day. She had such a lovely smile 🙂 This is a still from the video, which was then processed in GIMP to make a pleasing stand alone photograph.


The same technique was used for this photo of a gentleman at the lunch club.

Rosie Maclennan
Script & Producer

Robert Foulkes
Director and Post Production

Dorothy Atkins
Star of the show

Whitefriars Care Home

Hillary Close Community Centre

Bob Burdett
Advocacy Lead, Evergreen Care Trust

Will Phelan MBA
Principal, Stamford Endowed Schools

Essex Road Community Centre

James Bolitho
Inception Design

Becky & Kirsty
Evergreen Home Support

Mary Napier
Evergreen Member

Tony Gowers
Secretary of Stamford & District Kiwanis

  • Flexiseq from Pro Bono Bio

  • Terraclean

  • XAct21 Mixers